Moreland Little League



Mendocino Farms Fundraiser is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26, 2023 | 2 pm – close
1.    Verbally mention the Moreland Little League fundraiser to the cashier (prior to payment)
2.    Show the printed flyer or digital flyer on mobile device (prior to payment) (attached)
3.    For Online Orders:
Mendocino Farms: Order through and enter the online promo code GIVEBACK
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dick’s has been AMAZING to Moreland LL this year! Please see coupons you can use to get your player’s dialed in!
Little League Day with the San Francisco Giants
Moreland Little League: Sunday, Apr 23rd, 2023, 4:08 PM PDT – May 21st, 2023, 1:05 PM PDT
Saturday, May 13th at 5pn for LOGAN WEBB BOBBLEHEAD NIGHT at EXCITE BALL PARK as the Lake Elsinore Storm take on our San Jose Giants!! 
If you haven’t been, it’s a BLAST for lease than $20 per person! And they have THE BEST Churros, Food and Local Beer for any sporting event! Ask the Novak Family about SJ GIants Games!!! 😜
Your attendance means a portion of all ticket sales come BACK to Moreland Little League!! It’s literally a WIN/WIN for all involved! 
BONUS: every family who attends automatically gets 1 hour towards their volunteer hours required for your 2023 MLL commitment! 
**Please Note: There is a per ticket fee ($3) that is assessed by the ticketing company (similar to a Ticketmaster or Stub Hub)**

Let’s fill this park up with Moreland Families on Saturday, March 13th, have a GREAT TIME with our MLL PLAYERS and give BACK!!!

AND! Game Highlight: Kids Run the Bases After the game, kids are invited down onto the field to run the bases. LET’S WEAR OUR MORELAND UNIFORMS!!!